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More than 45 years of "Flow Experience" characterizes the pioneering leadership of Partec. Almost 60 patents in the field of cell analysis impressively demonstrate the commitment of Partec to push the stages of technological innovation with further development of sophisticated and cutting-edge Flow Cytometry instrumentation.

Complete Flow Cytometry &
Cell Analysis Solutions

Dedicated Cell and Particle Analysis for Immunophenotyping, Pathology, Cell Biology, Cell Counting, Cell Cycle Analysis, Essential Healthcare (HIV/AIDS | TB | Malaria), Particle and Cell Sorting, Stem Cells, Cell Culture, Bead-Based Assays, Submicron Particle Detection, Virus Detection, Microbiology, Bacteria, Yeast, Biotechnology, Process Control, Food & Beverages, Milk & Dairy Products, Cosmetics & Personal Care, Plant Agrosciences, Animal Agrosciences, Aquaculture, DNA Analysis, Apoptosis.