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The diagnostic reagents industry is closely related to the diagnostic activity of human diseases in medical institutions. The market size for diagnostic reagents has continuously been on the rise because of the development of diagnostic machines with diagnostic reagents being used as a supplement and unaided eye diagnostic tools for disease diagnostics in the past. Further growth potential in the diagnostic reagent industry has been forecasted for a long term basis, based on the fact that higher technology for diagnostics on the molecular level has contributed to the medical industry.

The growth of the diagnostic industry by phase.
PAST: The use of diagnostic reagents as a supplement in helping with diagnosis.
CURRENT: The use of enzyme immunoassay, chemo-luminescence immunoassay and other reagents that are suitable in the testing and prescribing of point-of-care-tests and diagnosis with the highest accuracy on a molecular level.
FUTURE: Total management through self-diagnostics and management by diagnostic with high test accuracy in molecular level.

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