Every human wants to keep their life healthier, happier and even longer. We may reach the time to be able to live to be over 100 years old in the near future. The Human Genome (Genetic Blueprint) was not only completed, but also people keep studying various researches regarding the Human Genome.

The most important thing in the medical science today must be the prevention of disease and the complete recovery through the early diagnosis. When someone shows the symptoms of which the patient is conscious might be already too late to be cured.

The simple and convenient systems for the early diagnosis were developed and in use from advanced countries in several years ago. The POCT (Point of Care Test) which can diagnose the diseases simply and quickly in self-test, hospitals and emergency room has entered into general use today.

We, SD Biosensor, will spend our whole time to develop various products and services for those tests in order to contribute to human health and life.