Infopia, having developed biosensors for blood diagnosis since its establishment in 1996, is now exporting state-of-the-art biosensors for monitoring blood glucose and measuring HbA1c and cholesterol to about 100 countries around the world. We not only have the goal to be the best company in diagnostic bio distribution through developing sensors for diagnosing heart disease and cancers and remote diagnosing systems, etc., but also plan to drive business through maintaining human health more directly through healthcare services. 

The company name of Infopia is formed from ‘Info’ from ‘Information’ and ‘pia’ from 'utopia'. 
The business philosophy that seeks to make humankind abundant by utilizing information and knowledge as well as one that will become a company in the center of a new millennium.

This new corporate identity symbolizes a green tree. A simple curved green tree motif, it shows our vision and will to benefit the world and people with its technology. Corporate slogan “Health care, Human care, Happy care” shows our vision to become a total healthcare provider, caring for customers’ health and happiness for the humankind.