To consistently provide safety for medical personnel and comfort for patients across the world by leveraging our expertise, advanced technology and innovative thinking.

HTL-STREFA is a world-leading medical device company that develops manufactures and sells safety lancets, personal lancets, and pen needles for insulin injection. Our modern manufacturing process and nearly 20 years of experience on the global market allows us to successfully ensure safety and convenience. We employ a continuous improvement strategy to analyze and update products, implementing improvements and launching new solutions to meet the changing needs of both patients and health care professionals. We aim to fulfill the most restrictive hygienic and sterility standards. The design of our products is defined by ergonomics, simplicity and reliability.

HTL-STREFA is focused on strategic manufacturing for top multinational medical corporations; we also sell our own products under the HTL-STREFA brand in cooperation with local distributors.
HTL STREFA is a brand with global experience from more than 80 countries. We are the leading provider globally of blood micro-sampling medical devices with approximately 46% global market share by volume in safety lancets and approximately 15% global market share by volume in personal lancets. For years, our brand has been fulfilling the promises made to the patients and health professionals, and has never failed.